Thursday, December 8, 2016

Both Parties Participated On The Occasion Of PPP's Establishment Day

CHAKWAL: The Establishment Day (Yom-e-Tasees) of PPP was celebrated thought Chakwal in which both parties (PPP & Raja Sana ul Haq Group) participated.

The rally of  Raja Sana ul Haq Group was comprising on 18 vans, while on other side Shah Jahan Sarfraz Raja got only 1 van for going to Bilawal House Lahore.

PMLN Will Be More Stronger On Behalf Of Malik Tariq Dhali: Ch Ghulam Jelani Minhas

CHAKWAL: Ch Ghulam Jelani Minhas told media here that Muslim League Noon now will be more stronger as Malik Tariq Dhali being elected for the candidate of Chairman ship.

He told more at the residence of Ch:sheir Khan that Malik Tariq Dhali has been elected as a chairman candidate according to taken decision at Lahore in a meeting with chief minister, this way PMLN will get more stronger in district Chakwal. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Another Leave Announced For Saturday At Eid Melad

CHAKWAL: Another leave announced for Saturday at the occasion of Eid ul Melad in district Chakwal.

This way all native government servants will be able to stay at their homes for 3 days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the occasion of sacred happy Eid Melad

Contractor of concrete road from Bhagwal to Rupwal just disappeard

CHAKWAL: Contractor of concrete road from Bhagwal to Rupwal just disappeard after the completion of road.

According to detail, contractor Haider Khan got revenue for shifting poles aside but he grabbed it and disappeared. Now the poles are so low and near to the ground that people may shock.

People of Bhagwal demand the arrest of that contractor

Odherwal Road's Construction Is A Big Effort Of Zulfiqar Dulha: Malik Akram

CHAKWAL: The construction of Odherwal Road is indeed a big effort of Sardar Zulfiqar Dulha, says Malik Akram.

Malik Akram told media that residents of the area will cast their votes in next elections in favor of Zulfiqar Dulha. Oderwal Neela Road was in the worst condition since last half century and the natives were in big trouble, he said.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bail Confirmed Of A Culprit Involved In A Murder Case

CHAKWAL: The bail was confirmed of a culprit by Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench.

According to details, a culprit who was involved in a murder case, his bail has been confirmed by the the mentioned bench of court.

Culprit Arshad Mehmood killed Abdul Quyyum husband of Asia Begum in Janwal Town. Abdul Quyyum was an army servant who was murdered by his own wife Asia Begum and her lover Arshad Mehmood.

Executive Member Of Press Club Kallar Kahar Got Married

KALLAR KAHAR: An executive member of 
Press Club Kallar Kahar just got married recently.

According to press reports, the member of mentioned above press club was married.yesterday. Many VIPs, politicians and form other society were invited in his Walima.