Indian Surgeons Removed World’s Largest Brain Tumour

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MUMBAI: Indian surgeons claimed to have removed the world’s largest brain tumour from a 31-year-old man that had left him blind.
Santlal Pal, a cloth seller, had a 4.1lbs (1.9kg) mass pulled out by a team of experts in Mumbai in a mammoth operation.
The grueling procedure, which took place at the BYL Nair Charitable Hospital, lasted seven hours, local reports state.
Medics claim the biggest brain tumour that was successfully removed before this weighed just 3.1lbs (1.4kg).
Pal had complained of a progressive swelling of his scalp, headaches and a loss of vision in both eyes.

By the time he was admitted to hospital he was blind and his scalp has swelled to appear as if he had two heads mounted on top of each other.
Scans revealed the tumour had invaded into the brain on both sides of the midline through skull bone and revealed the blood supply of the tumour.
But in a seven-hour operation, surgeons successfully removed a massive tumour along with skull bone which had invaded into the brain.

Mr Pal needed a transfusion of 11 units of blood and then spent three days on life support afterwards but has since made a good recovery.
However, it is unsure whether Mr Pal’s vision has been restored. It is also unclear what type of a brain tumour he was suffering from.
Professor Trimurti Nadkarni who led the surgery said: “Such large tumours are rare and are a surgical challenge. There was a heavy blood loss and this required great team skill in perioperative monitoring for a successful result. The weight of a similar case reported earlier has been 1.4kg. The patient has made a good recovery and is now ambulatory and on full diet. He feels relieved of ‘a large burden on his head.”

Peshawar Blast: PDMA Officer Among Three Injured

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PAKISTAN: At least three people were injured after an explosion took place near Dir Colony, Peshawar on Friday morning, according to media reports.

ETPB To Celebrate Mahashivratri On Tuesday Despite Cancellation Of Hindu Jatha

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AMRITSAR : After the cancellation of Indian Hindu Jatha visit to Katasraj cluster of temples in Chakwal district of Pakistan on the occasion of Mahashivratri, Pakistan's Evacuee Trust Property Board ETPB ) has decided to celebrate the Hindu festival on its own and have extended invitation to Hindu's of Pakistan to converge at Katasraj for Mahashivratri celebrations on Tuesday.

A Medical Officer Grade18 Caught Red-Handed With A Nurse

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CHAKWAL: Grade 18 officer caught red handed in a room here in District Headquarter Hospital Chakwal . He was enjoying at midnight with under training nurse.

 For that purpose officer locked both of them from outside of the door.  Meanwhile someone informed the higher authority of the DHQ Hospital Chakwal who raided the room instantly along with the staff and uncovered both of them. 

Administration of hospital was trying to finish thsi matter. Kindly keep in ming that all the hospitals and basic health units of Disttrict have been handed over to a company and disttrict  manager of DMG Group was appointed in Disttrict Chakwal. 

The people of Chakwal have a great resentment over the issue of couple caught red handed in a room and demanded immediate action against the culprit. It is learnt that the mentioned officer blackmailed the young nurse and took her into the doctor's room for the full filling sexual desire.

FIA Detained Suspect Involved In Child Exploitation And Pornography

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ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested a suspect form Jhang area on Sunday who was involved in child exploitation and pornography.

FIA Seizes Libido Booster Drugs, Sex Toys

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LAHORE: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Lahore arrested three persons involved in selling of unregistered drugs and sex toys during multiple raids in different cities.

Injustice To Nawaz Becomes Voice Of People:Hamza Shahbaz

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CHAKWAL: Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has said that Nawaz Sharif’s narrative of “injustice to him” on Iqama disqualification is the voice of masses and his supporters.

DNA Matches: Police Arrest Main Accused In Zainab Killing Case

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ISLAMABAD: In a major breakthrough, police on Tuesday claimed to have arrested main accused in Zainab rape-killing case from Pakpattan after his DNA matched samples taken from the crime scene.

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