Sunday, November 20, 2016

Passenger Bus Plunges Down From A Pull, Killing 7 At The Spot

CHAKWAL: Passenger bus plunges down, 7 died while injuring 65. All injured bodies were immediately rushed to the hospital in Rawalpindi. Most of the victims are in serious condition.

This accident was occurred due the negligence of bus driver as running it speedily. Drive could not gain the control of bus and plunged down 100 feet deep from Kot Qazi Pull, killing Javed Azam, Qaiser Mansehra, Bilal Abotabad, Shafiq Muzafarabad, Sharafat Azad Kashmir, Shehnaz Javed Abotabat and Gul Nargas of Mansehra.

While 65 others were badly injured and got severe injuries. They were rushed to Talagang City
Hospital and Tehsil Headquarter Hospital. Later 7 of them were sent to Rawalpindi Hospital due to their serious condition.

Investigation is on the way by the police.

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