PMLN Wins In Chakwal While PMLQ From Talagang In Municipal Committee Chakwal Elections

CHAKWAL: PMLN wins in Chakwal and PMLQ from Talagang in Municipal Committee Chakwal Elections.
In these elections Sikandar Jut got 14 votes and Khawaja Khawar 13. Both were selected as Labor Councilors. For minority seats Salamat Masih and Asif Masih each got 14 votes.

All four newly elected councilors were brought to the Secretariat Bhowk Chakwal Chakwal in a big gathering, where they were greeted by PMLN district president Chaudhary Liaqat Ali Khan and resident leader of PMLN Chaudhary Liaqat Ali Khan.

On other side PMLQ won in Talagang. For the minority seats Munir Minhas got 7 votes, Muhammad Ali 7 votes for Youth Councilor seats, Khawaja Nasir Aftar got 7 votes for seats of Labor Councilor.



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