Saturday, November 12, 2016

Rasm-e-Chelum Of Chaudhary Muhammad Iqbal Of Thaneel Fatohi Offered

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CHAKWAL: The Rasme-e-Chelum ceremony of Chaudhary Muhammad Iqbal of Thaneel Fatohi was offered in Thaneel Fatohi in the home of Chaudhary Arif Iqbal, Chaudhar Tahir Iqbal and Chaudhary Nasir Iqbal.

Many others were also present at the occasion.Special prayer for Chaudhary Muhammd Iqbal was offered as well Holy Quran was also recited. Most VIP guest and leader of Jamat Ehl-e-Sunat and

well know scholar Sayed Riaz ul Hassn Shah was also present for the prayer.

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