Thursday, November 10, 2016

We are facing a totally unfortunate scenario , Senator Abdul Qayyum

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Dubai (News Desk): declaration given by Senator Lt Gen r Abdul Qayyum Chairman Senate status committee on protection production whilst speaking to Pakistani delegates in Dubai. “we are facing a very unlucky scenario lower back domestic wherein a democratically elected chief threatens to take
away a democratically elected government via undemocratic unlawful and unconstitutional manner. when bypassing parliament, judiciaries and election fee one character desires to himself come to be complainant propose choose or even executor , he's honestly taking the complete kingdom for a experience and pushing Pakistan right into a darkish nook. The factor is if we are satisfied that democratic dispensation cannot resolve our issues then we have to virtually paralyse Islamabad because this path is the proper and quick recipe for a suicidal attack on Pakistan’s picture and our countrywide security. Enemies of Pakistan will virtually be brief to do clapping. We should remember that nobody is critical. human beings come and cross. patience and statesmanship are key phrases . Shortcut to power will certainly be the longest direction to prosperity .A minority party after dislodging a majority celebration cannot live in electricity and those who fill the vacuum are by no means in a hurry handy over electricity to public representatives . Posterity will now not forgive us if we bid farewell to accommodation and tolerance . A food for thought”.

Pakistan is within the grip of internal and outside challenges. Our quality response might be within the form of exceptional national cohesion and sacrifice for countrywide cause growing capable our petty political profits stated Gen Qayyum even as addressing a very large amassing of Pakistani community In Dubai

With Pakistani community in Dubai. defined inner and outside challenges to Pakistan country wide protection and response through the authorities. Enemies of Pakistan and energy hungry intriguers can't reach failing nuclear Pakistan of 200 million brave patriotic Pakistanis

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