Attackers On The Occasion Of Eid Milad Must Be Arrested : Sunni Itehad Council

CHAKWAL: Sunni Itehad Council here in Chakwal requests higher authorities to arrest all attackers who made firing of the occasion of Eid Milad.
Chairman of Sunni Itehad Council said that government should take immediate action against Qadyanis due to their increasing roll in terrorism day by day and give up the balance policy. He said, there are strict law against terrorism of Qadyanis but sorry to say that Qadyanis have never been abide by the laws and rules of Pakistan.

Local leader of Sunni Tehreek, Arsalan Qadri, Safeer Hussain, Anjman Tulaba Islam's leader Qazi Abdul Saboor and Mirza Badar Abbas also participated in the press conference.



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