Emoji Fun Keyboard Software And Hardware For Mac OS X

Bring the excitement and emotional power of Emoji to your Mac. This is the keyboard emoji icons give everywhere, such as email, Twitter, SMS with the normal English keyboard, making Emoji more comfortable to make. Emoji can simply add a little fun to your texts and emails. This is the software that makes the Emoji keyboard works on your Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.

Download the installer package. Unzip the file and install, now you should see an option to enter Emoji in the menu bar.
The keyboard is compatible with Mac, Windows and iOS via Bluetooth, any platform to convert the image for you. But software is just a fun if you want to have a real experience, then buy a silicone keypad cover and a hieroglyph guide.

The keyboard assumes that you need to install the software to pass magic.
Click on the Mac OS X for OS Emoji keyboard free software to download ::




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