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Feel Bloated Like A Balloon, Check It !

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Swelling will result from an excessive wind in the stomach, for which there are many possible causes.
With a little more festive time many suffer the consequences of gluttony. But it has the food.
Most people have experienced flatulence at some point - the tight feeling in the tummy that issues like a drum swing when slightly pressed with a finger.

Swelling affects people of all ages and can be a cause of constant crying or irritability in children who can not express their discomfort in words.
Basically, the swelling occurs in strong winds there in the stomach. The question is: How the wind?
These are foods that can help fight stomach bloated.

This vegetable is often used in salads or as a healthy snack, but the cucumbers are not only tasty. They are rich in water that helps to combat the swelling. Most liquid under the more you get in a bath, so your stomach will surely be smaller.

Besides cucumbers, watermelon is a fruit with a higher water content.

Water storage is one of the reasons why your stomach begins to look like a balloon. Asparagus is there to help you.

Egg White
An egg white omelets you can solve the problem in no time. The whites are rich in protein and when they are eaten, true diuretics will release the pressure in the stomach.

Red grapes
This fruit fulfills all your senses and your stomach.

Coffee or iced tea
Avoid carbonated drinks because they are the biggest enemies of the stomach

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