Malik Tariq Dhali And Ch: Khursheed Baig Will Succeed: Sardar Aftab Akbar

CHAKWAL: Leader of  PMLN and Sardar Group, Aftab Akbar said here that all candidates elected for district chairmanship and voice chairmanship will surely succeed and it will only be the paper work on Dec 22, 2016.

He said, Malik Tariq Dhali as Chairman and Ch: Khursheed Baig as Voice Chairman will succeed with majority.

Ch: Khursheed Baig said that Sardar Group has set its boats on fire and now there is no way of return, so no conspiracy would succeed against the group.

Ch: Sajid Gondal said; ‘’We are bound to obey the orders of PMLN and will cast their votes to nominated Chairman Malik Tariq Dhali decided by central leadership of  PMLN’’

 After the success we will prepare for elections 2018.  We will obey our party decision what ever made about elections 2018.He was addressing at the residence of  Chairman Sajid Gondal in Odherwal.



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