The Press Conffernce Of local PMLN Leadership In Chakwal

CHAKWAL: The Press Conffernce Of  local PMLN Leadership was recently held In Chakwal.
The most honorable saint leader of PMLN Malik Tanveer Aslam Saithi said ‘’I was hopeful and expected candidate for Chairmanship district council Chakwal that party would give him ticket so it was necessary to take part in election of union council Minara for Chairmanship.

 I am not fond of this designation. I am in favor of nominated Chairman Malik Tariq Aslam Dhali for the benefit of party as it was decided by the leadership.  Accepting the decision made by our party will make the party more stronger’’

This all was stated by Aslam Saithi in a answer to question made by Chaudhary Imran Qaisar Abbas Chairman of Tehsil Press Club Chakwal.



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