Collision Between 2 Rickshaws And A Car: 2 Died While 5 Injured

CHAKWAL: Tow Died and five others were badly injured in an accident between two rickshaws and a car on Chakwal Jehlam road near Jheek Ada.
According to details, after the collision of rickshaws, two injured persons were badly crushed by an upcoming car. Both rickshaws were struck with each other on a under construction tiny pull by NLC at Jheek Ada.

Zafar Iqbal Mohrra Roshan and Sardaran Bi Bi Darowaiza died at the spot while Rukhsana Abdul Aziz Daiwal, Nahila of Parri Darowaiza, Anila of parri Darowaiza and Shamim Akhtar  of Mohra Roshan got severe injuries who were immediately rushed to local hospitals, then district headquarter hospital Rawalpindi.



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