Revenue Officer (Patwari) Became Unconscious After Eating Poisonous Shawarma

CHAKWAL: A revue officer (Patwari) lost his conscientiousness after eating Shawarma on the road from Lahori Daata Chicken Shawarma.
According to details, Mubashar Patwari of latifal went to a shawarma seller known as Lahori Daata Chicken Shawarma. Soon after eating shawarma he felt stomachache and suddenly became unconscious. People around there gathered at the event and got him to
District Head Quarter Hospital Chakwal.

Kindly remember that the process of selling poisonous shawarma is still going on despite informing the health department of Chakwal for serveral times. Suarma owners were found that they were selling the chemicals mixed shawarma to people baked dead and expired chicken which is a severe crime and illegal activity against public health rules.



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