Solidarity With The Muslim community Based In Birmingham Regrets Over Dolmial Tragedy

CHAKWAL: A group of the Muslims of Pakistani community in Britain announced in solidarity with Muslims in Dolmial that they will not leave alone their Muslim brothers in this critical juncture.
Muslim League President Chaudhry Arif Iqbal Mid land, General Secretary Malik Fateh Khan, Ghulam Murtaza, Sayyed Farooq Hussain, Maulana Atif Jabbar Haidari, Haji Iftekhar Thanil Fatohi, Atif Jabar Haidery and Raja Riaz said that they deeply feel  their persistence in the current situation faced by
Muslims in Dolmial.

The people belonging to the community in which the Hajj Malik Fayyaz Ahmed Faizi stand Supported He will stand up to all the conditions of Muslims and mosques remain.



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