Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Condolence Over The Death Of Malik Zahoor Anwar By Engineer Saqib Rauf

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TALAGANG: President of Talagang Awami Council engineer Saqib Rauf of Biderr made condolences over the death of  MPA Malik Zahoor Anwar. He also appreciated his great services to the people of Talagang. He prayed that may Allah rest his soul in Heaven. Amen

While talking about elections PP-3 he said that the joint candidate of the opposition parties against  PML-N, is inevitable requirement of public interest in current
situation. Considering about circle PP -3 there the nation is standing with only
Dr.Hafiz Hameed ul Allah. To come up as the opposition's joint candidate
may be he is the best and acceptable to all stakeholders of the opposition parties. 

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