Giving False Firing Request Against Senior Journalist Caused Sentenced To Fine

CHAKWAL  Fake firing report proven false in the courtroom launched against senior journalis of Chakwal and his elder brother, court issued penalty to deter over false application. 
    According to details Ghulam S/O Fateh Khan resident on circular road Mohallah Gharbi launched a fake request to the court against senior journalist Abdul Ghafar Paras and his elder brother Mr.Waqas Bashir that they both fired at his home. But later the application was proved false and bogus during investigation.

 DPO Chakwal and DSP Sadder circle 
Chakwal ordered  SHO city police station who forwarded the written petition against the culprit to the court of special juditional magistrate Chakwal Mr.Hasnain Ahmed Anwar who sentenced him to Rs.3000.00 fine after hearing the case.The culprit paid the fine and handed over the receipt to the court. Senior Journalist says that he is consulting with lawyers to pursue the case against lier as defamation.



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