Editor Dhudial News Saeed Ahmad Khan's Sister In Law Qul Ceremony

DHUDIAL: The Qul ceremony of Lt. Col. Raees Ahmad Khan's wife, sister in law of Saeed Ahmad Khan has been offered in Dhudial 

 Islam is the greatest and world wide religion for every human. Those who obey Allah, become successful here in dooms day. There are always big conspiracies against Islam, despite it this religion is prevailing over the world, said Mufti Ghulam Murtaza. He praised the magnificent tribute to the late in religious services .

 Master Mohammad Afzal of Sargodha, speaking on the occasion said that being divided into different casts we are getting weaker and weaker as Sunni, Shiya, Brailwi and Devbandi etc. Itis the dudy of scholars to fight against in this regard. The ceremony was attended by all family members and friends.



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