I Will Launch A Resolution Against The Lease Of Railway Land In Senate: Senator Gen (R) Abdul Qayyum

CHAKWAL: Pakistan will offer League leader eminent analyst and Minister Gen Abdul Qayyum said that he will launch a treaty against leasing the railway land in Dhudial.
 He said he will send report to minister of railway Mr.Khawaja Saad Rafiq, minister of planning Mr.Ehsan Iqbal and other related officials and request them that it is not acceptable in any case to lend the land on lease to any one as the British Gov had the planning to keep and extend the railway track.

 It was to be extended from Bhon to Khusab but it has been been removed from Mandra to Bhon instead of its more extension. And now the land sited in Dhudial is being given on lease which is absolutely not fair.



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