Ex Candidate PMLQ PP-23 Talagang Chakwal Joined PMLN

CHAKWAL: Inside a latest political development in by election of PP 23 Talagang Chakwal, the famous former candidate of the 2013 political election has announced the support of PMLN.
Sardar Amjad Ilyas was ticket holder of PMLQ in the general election 2013. This individual remained runner-up and acquired almost 46000 of ballots.

This is big success of the Malik Shehryar Awan. Although PMLQ is supporting PTI in this election. You will find others opposition parties who are also standing with the Col (R) Sultan Shurkhru of PTI. Although this setback is very big for Tahreek e Insaf. Although chairman PTI addresses an selection rally in Tehsil Lawa near Talagang on Mianwali road. But this would not be able to have made any positive situation in favour of PTI candidate.



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