Monday, August 21, 2017

Teenager Drowned After His Friends Dared Him To Jump In River

PAKISTAN: The footage of a teenaged boy’s death by drowning in the Jhelum river has gone viral on social media.
The 19-year-old Ali Abrar dived into the swirling waters of the river when his friends dared him to jump. You may easily hear the voice of his friends in this video challenging him to swim across the river among strong waves..
The authorities were searching for his body, even as 24 hours had passed since the incident.
According to the media reports, the youth and his 5 friends arrived at Kohala bridge from Gujarat for just a visit.. Abrar eventually jumped to cross the river but was whisked away by the gushing stream. A search for his body is underway despite passage of a day.
The group of friends have been held in the custody of Bakaut area police and a case has been registered against them on the complaint of Abrar’s father.

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