Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Constable commits suicide In Talagang

CHAKWAL: A none-retired police constable commited suicide using his official weapon late Thursday night in Talagang.

According to law enforcement officials options, Mohammad Saleem, 50, was a Talagang citizen deputed at the National Bank branch along with three other colleagues.

After his duty hours on Thursday night, Saleem put himself to death along with his Kalashnikov in the guards' room. His co-workers found his body in the room after they heard the gunshots.

A police officer said the Saleem received four bullet shots, which were triggered with one move of his finger.

A colleague of the deceased told media that Saleem was experiencing belly and kidney problems and was also diabetic, and stated that he previously become disheartened and frustrated because his health had not been bettering despite seeking treatment at various clinics.

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