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How To Remove Static Charge From A Multimeter

A major decease of a multimeter is related to its pointer so often  rejected by the user and thrown to the junk.

The pointer of your multimeter hangs in the middle of screen (dial) when you see it next day or a delay of few hours and denies to stay back at its default (at zero) position,. Did you ever think why and how it happened as because it is beyond your wisdom?

1: Glass of your multimeter was slightly rubbed with any silky material (having static charge on it).
2: Glass was rubbed with your hands or you might tried to clean its plastic glass with hands last time.
3: Never try to clean even with any silky cloth / clothes or some thing unknown / disguised material.

Pointer To Zero:
Despite of your cleaning the front glass which such tries as mentioned above, you will never succeed to adjust the pointer to zero position. It automatically comes back to its zero position when you remove the glass away. But it is not remedy or permanent solution.

What To Do?
Remember ! The plastic glass of your multimeter has static charge over it incidentally that you were not aware of it.

Now put your multimeter on the ground / floor once or twice slightly for a few seconds (do not rub it on the ground) and get in back. Then slightly clean its glass with non silky cloth / clothes or any soft paper / tissue paper etc. Done !

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