Published On:Tuesday, December 20, 2016
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Reduce Photo Size UP To 80 Percent With Online Image Optimizer

You know that a new website designed to easily reduce the format JPEG image PNG, GIF, SVG can be low and do not affect the transparency of the image. Image Optimizer is a force of intelligence and uses wise compression techniques to reduce the size of images.
Comparing before / after pictures shows that the effect of almost zero quality is reduced by half the size. I have found this website personally and excellently.

Key Features :Four 1-supported image formats.2- Two types of compression without loss or loss.3 high compression process is only absolute magic.4 Drag left to the comparison images before and after optimization.5. The maximum size of the image to be reduced by 80%.

This is very good site and no threat of viruses or spam so highly recommended. You can use it free of charge from the official website of Image Optimizer and, if desired, the author also shows a feedback to improve this site:  Image Optimizer

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