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Two Ahmadi Suspects On 14 Days Physical Remand

CHAKWAL: There are 2 main suspects, Riaz Ahmed Malik and Malik Ansar of Ahmadi community involved in a mob attack held on December 12. After a FIR of the attack, they opened the fire to a human beleaguered Ahmadi place of worship, one person was killed and others 3 wounded.

The same court has already sent 29 Muslim suspects to justice centers. The government of Punjab has also established a joint research team (JIT) staff for police and intelligence services. The team, led by General Deputy Inspector of Police Shoaib Dastgeer, arrived in Chakwal and began their investigations, an official said. The official said the JIT report within a month. "The government takes this incident as a priority. All involved in the incident implicated offenders are brought to justice." The district coordinator Javed Mehmood Bhatti and District Policeman Munir Masood Marath Dulmial visited and met the villagers.

ACD also visited Tatral Kahoon City, where he visited the Rasm-e-Qul Naeem Shafique, a Muslim who died in the violence of 12 December. The leader of the Tehreek-i-Ya Rasoolullah Labaik, Dr. Ashraf Asif Jalali, who was also present, and Mr. Bhatti gave the heirs of Shafique 100,000 rupees.  "I have given 100,000 rupees poor parents of my own pocket and the breadwinners lost" DCO said. Bar Association Chakwal district also held a strike of Dulmial incident and expressed lawyers. Their solidarity with the Muslims.

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