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Islam And All Other Religions Preach Peace: PM Nawaz Sharif

CHAKWAL: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said here on Wednesday that the day is not far off that Pakistan as a "friend of minorities" recognized land and that his government undertakes steps to improve the lives of religious groups underrepresented.
The Prime Minister said that his government is promoting through their actions the belief that "to each of his own faith" and added that humanity is what the nation is to unite.He spoke at the opening of the water treatment plant in the Katas Raj temple complex in Chakwal. He said that adherents of all religions had equal rights in Pakistan, noting that they had worked together to defend the country and contribute to peace and prosperity.

Nawaz said he told his officials to make every effort to accommodate non-Muslim pilgrims and to ensure the protection and expansion of their cult sites. He also said it would lend to the construction of the Baba Guru Nanak and Gandhara with his full support.

The Prime Minister further stated that Islam and all other religions preach peace, and those who do not do so, are not doing any service for their religion. PM Sharif has frequent references to Islamic history to emphasize that this part of the Islamic faith was also treating minorities well. He recalled that when, in the early days of Islam, after the Muslims migrated to Medina to accuse the accusation and came to power, trying to "minorities living there with respect." He said: Prophet Muhammad (saw) even said of these minorities "one nation" with the Muslims.

He said the Holy Quran says that God is the God of all, not just only for Muslims, and added that there is no distinction based on caste, skin color or religion, because "we are all human beings."

PM Sharif reaffirmed the Prime Minister of all Pakistanis and "not just only for Pakistani Muslims."

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