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The BISP Are One Of The World's Best Social Safety Nets, Marvi Memon

CHAKWAL: The BISP are one of the world's best social safety nets. We are committed to Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to make this oganization world's No. 1. This all was stated by Marvi Memon while addressing to a poverty survey conducted training workshops for teams in the field by SEBCON.

The BISP' is already giving intensive training to master trainers and trainers are now in the field survey teams. House survey to assess the operational cycle of the applications used in the survey will be launched in Chakwal's UC Dhudial.

House survey of poilet phase will start its work in 12 Districts. , Chairperson BISP said that the data collected is a sacred duty for authentic registration of the poor to social safety programs through they were part of their lives can be improved. The field data users their designated responsibilities called upon to perform with full commitment and dedication

 Memon's BISP deserve visited Parveen Zahid woman living in her clay home, with her five children and sick husband are living with BISP received scholarships. The BISP received the scholarship, he also earns a living through chips stalls. Zahida Parveen praised Chairperson BISP said that his goal at the BISP received scholarships is to build your house and save money.

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