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ASI Sajid Hussain of Turkawal Mysteriously Killed By A Bullet

SAYED ADA:  ASI jatly resident of Turkawal village Sajid Hussain, who was in-charge of Sarkalan checkpoint mysteriously died by an unknown bullet fired on him.

According to preliminary investigation, it was declared a suicide attemp, while DPO Chakwal ordered for an inquiry. ASI Sajid Hussain was cousin of journalist Secretary General of Press Club Jatli Naveed Aslam Farhat.

Our other sources say that he was appointed as in-charge of Police Check Post in Sarkalan, a remote village in tehsil Kallar Kahar which is notorious for providing a safe-haven to proclaimed offenders.

“He did not want to serve at Sarkalan Check Post for two reasons. Firstly, he spent most of his time in Special Branch and did not have any experience of field work and secondly he was reluctant to serve as in-charge of that post which is located in a dangerous area,” a police official said.
The official added that due to his transfer from Rawalpindi to Chakwal he could not get his salary owing to documentation issues. A close friend of the ASI claimed that he had borrowed ten thousand rupees from a friend a few days ago and sent some money to his home.
“He was also a heart patient,” the official added on condition of anonymity. The deceased police official is survived by four children and a wife.
Soon after the incident sent shock waves across police officials, District Police Officer Sikandar Hayat expressed his deep sorrow over the demise of the ASI and said he had launched a fund to support his family. “His children are like my own children,” he said.
 DSP Saddar Chakwal Kazim Ali Naqvi, DSP Headquarter Chakwal Tahir Sikandar, many other political and social personalities of the area were also present in the funeral ceremony. 

We are investigating this incident and trying to find out reasons behind this murder, police officers said.

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