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This Black Hole Is Being Pushed Around Its Galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope image that revealed the runaway quasar. (NASA, ESA, and M. Chiaberge/STScI and JHU)

Black holes are the great despots of space. They are so massive that their gravity will not let any light slip. The largest black holes - known as "super" - weigh so much a billion suns. Appearing in the midst of all galaxies seemingly, including the Milky Way, to control the formation of stars and can deform the structure of space itself. It takes a lot to push around a black hole.

But eight billion light years away from the Earth, in a galaxy called 3C 186, astronomers have discovered a black hole, ejected from its throne. Now stands through the space at a rate of nearly 5 million miles per hour.There is one thing that could derail a black hole in this way, the researchers say that gravitational waves.[A year later scientists still hear gravitational waves, the soundtrack of the cosmos]Previously predicted by Albert Einstein, there are more than 100 years of gravitational waves are waves in space-time caused by the tumultuous events of the universe, as concentric circles are formed on the surface of a pond after throwing a heavy stone. Last year, researchers gravitational observation waves laser interferometer (LIGO) showed that this phenomenon exists when gravitational waves generated by the fusion generated by two black holes.Marco Chiaberge and colleagues say that the strange behavior of the black hole in the galaxy 3C 186 is probably the result of gravitational waves of another pair of black holes in a study to collide in the magazine next week to be released astronomy & astrophysics.

The black hole trip was detected in an image taken by NASA's Hubble. The diffuse spot was the galaxy 3C 186 an incredibly bright spot that contains a quasar. It was not unusual: a quasar is the nucleus of a galaxy, and is brightly surrounded by the gas disk of the black hole in the center.

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