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Chakwal: PTDC Holds Conference For Tourism Promotion

CHAKWAL: Pakistan Travel and leisure Development Organization (PTDC) established a seminar in Chakwal in cooperation with the Chakwal Chamber of Business and Industry (CCCI) on Sunday.
In this interconnection, the PTDC going by its Managing Director, Ch. Abdul Ghafoor Khan, had taken a selected multimedia team on the trip to Chakwal as a picnic head to. The PTDC officers and other workers also supported the media people on the main one day tour.

On getting, Kalar Kahar, the managing director, Ghafoor Khan, while speaking with media men presented his ideas for the campaign of travel and leisure in the united states. He said his main goal was to market religious travel and leisure in the united states including Islamic, Hindu, Sikh and Christianity. He said PTDC would soon bring in police travel and leisure and their representatives would be observed by travellers at every vacationer resort. After 1 hour stay over there the multimedia individuals were taken up to Chaoa Saidan Shah, where the PTDC and CCCI experienced organized a joint discussion on Travel and leisure and Campaign of Business at the chamber office. Ghafoor Khan treasured the role of printing and electronic advertising for highlighting initiatives of PTDC team for the campaign of travel and leisure in the united states.

Before the seminar, the managing director needed journalists to two Hindu temples Hanumaan and Katas where Shakil, the rep of both temples provided a briefing about the annals of both temples. The agent up to date that Katas Mandir (temple) is 3000 yrs . old located in Choa Saidan Shah. Several temples in Katasraj were built around 900 years back or more. Good care of varied 'mandirs' is certainly going on perfectly. However, some 'mandirs' have dropped down. Katas Mandir is seen by many guests from Pakistan and India each year. He also exposed that renowned Mathematician, Albairuni needed the way of measuring of earth in this field when he was learning Sanskrit. Shakil advised that PTDC has its motel in Katas composed of 6 rooms. The motel of PTDC was created in 1989 and was run because of it only for 2 yrs. Now the motel is on rent to TDCP.

Over the occasion, Ghafoor Khan informed that PTDC is undertaking survey of the area for promoting travel and leisure and providing facilities to visitors as well. Following the survey the assignments would be discovered and on provision of money by the government the development process would start out.

The journalists combined with the managing director got round of both temples Katas and Hanumaan. Ghafoor Khan indicated concern above the non-availability of electricity. He was advised that electricity would soon be presented in Katas. The managing director also aimed the temple specialists for providing standard to the 'mandir' personnel which would help the travelers in recognising the officers of the temple without the problem.

While speaking at the joint meeting, the PTDC managing director, Ch. Abdul Ghafoor Khan lauded the Pakistan Military to carry out businesses to suppress terrorism in the united states. Due to our military, normalcy has delivered and laws and order situation has improved upon and activities of travel and leisure have gained momentum from coast to coast specifically in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab areas.

Ghafoor Khan said that because of his attempts the federal government has announced Chakwal as Model Travel and leisure Area. However, still there may be need of the hour when planning on taking more practical options for establishing holiday facilities in addition to maintenance of the prevailing ones on international specifications.

He was all compliment to the Perfect Minister, Mian Nawaz Sharif for his determination to see travel and leisure marketed in Pakistan. In this respect, the leading minister is stretching all out co-operation to PTDC, Ch. Ghafoor Khan mentioned.

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