Published On:Saturday, April 1, 2017
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Exchange Of Fire Among Police And Drug Dealers, Killing Constable

The dead body of police constable Samee Ullah killed by drug traffickers in Arra village 

CHAKWAL: A police constable was killed while informer badly badly injured in village Arra of Choa Syden Shah in cross firing among police and drug dealers.

The dead body of an unidentified drug trafficker killed by police

Police took action and raided on drug dealers yesterday in mountains of Arra Town to arrest culprits at Coal Mine No. 14 but suddenly fire was opened on police from other side killing constable Samiullah on the spot while a drug trafficker was also killed in this incident, hence informer got severe injuries.

 Later DSP Haroon Joya, DSP Muhammad Hafeez Aolakh, reached at the venue with their volunteers. Kindly remember that drug trafficking is on the top in whole district Chakwal villages like Darbar Bukhari on Pinwal Road, Thoa Bahadar, Bhown, Dhudial, Fim Kasar, Karsal in Talagang, Tehi, Kot Sarang, Perra Jangla, Akwal and many others are on hit list of drug dealers.

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