Published On:Monday, April 24, 2017
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Mother Of Three Children Commits Suicide Frustrated By Poverty

CHAKWAL: A 34-year-old married woman commited suicide due to poverty. According to detail a married woman, mother of 3 children hanged on with tree in lawn, Mudasar Street at General Bus Stand Chakwal. 
She was allegedly committed suicide frustrated by poverty. Her husband was earning in earlier days but he was jobless and had no earning now a days but their children needed new books for joining new classes in school after passing exams.

She asked her husband for some money but he denied, even he left home and disappeared some where. Later his wife could not handle the worst situation and was badly frustrated by poverty, she could not sustain more and decided to die. Implementing her idea to get rid of life she hanged with a tree in the home and died. Later her husband arrived and took her dead body to their own village Khanwal.

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