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Financial Results Of Chakwal Spinning Mills Limited For Quarter Ended

CHAKWAL: Chakwal spinning Mills Limited told Pakistan STOCK MARKET about the advice created by the board of directors in the reaching performed at Lahore on Apr 29, 2017.
The plan of the appointment was conversation of earnings and loss take into account quarter finished March 31, 2017 which portrayed a lack of Rs. 66,448 with damage per share 1.60 basic and diluted respectively.

Further, nil repayment of cash dividend, bonus shares and right stocks was agreed.

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Chakwal group has around 160,000 spindles, that happen to be operationally sorted out into 6 content spinning units; the complete equipment is from world-renowned companies. Chakwal Spinning contains 34,552 Spindles. The flag ship of Chakwal Group is Kohinoor Content spinning comprising of 80,000 spindles, sent out into three independent units which can be customized to make particular yarns. The machine has its internal doubling which is with the capacity of producing 75 a great deal of cotton and combined yarn each day.

The icon "CWSM" is being used by the stock exchanges for the stocks of Chakwal spinning Mills Limited.

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