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Bears Reared In Chakwal Rescue Center, Released In Khunjerab

CHAKWAL: Wildlife officials on Wednesday released two brown bears in the Khunjerab National Park, close to the Sino-Pak border. The two bears were being reared at a Bear Rescue Center located in the Chakwal District of Punjab.
“Only in Idaho USA similar restoration work has been carried out”, wrote Afia Salam, a renowned journalist in a Facebook post, while posting these photographs.
The Deosai Plateau in Gilgit-Baltistan is famous as a land of brown bears. The number of bears in Khunjerab is said to be very limited. Releasing the two bears in the national park will increase the rare animal’s population in the region, hope wildlife officials.
Bear being released into the wild. Photo: Via Afia Salam

Khunjerab’s geography, topography and temperature is similar to Deosai. Photo: Via Afia Salam

Crossing a stream, tasting liberty finally! Photo: Via Afia Salam

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