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Biography Of Zulfiqar Ali Khan MPA Of PP-22

Below is the complete Biography, Contact number, home address and other detail of Zulfiqar Ali Khan who wins the Election in 2013 from PP-22 (Chakwal-III). Moreover, You will also find the Official Mobile number together with the Email address of Zulfiqar Ali Khan.  The home address of this member is also provided. 

This member started to campaign in 2013 for General Election. As a result of successfully wins the Election from PP-22 (Chakwal-III). Above all, now this member is Member of Punjab Provisional Assembly from 2013 to 2018 from PP-22 (Chakwal-III). Furthermore,  This member is very honest and has a pleasant personality.

Biography, Contact Number And Present address:

Mr Zulfiqar Ali Khan son of Mr Ahmad Ali Khan was born upon May 19, 1954 at Chakwal. He graduated in Law in 1997 from University of Karachi, Karachi. He has been working as Chairman, National Manpower Bureau; as Chief Executive, National Livestock as well as Meat Processing; and as Chairman, Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (Central).
A business owner and also an agriculturist, that served as Member, Zonal Committee, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry; as Member, Advisory Committee, Ministry of Labour, Manpower and also Overseas Pakistanis as well as has been chosen as Member, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab as a whole elections 2013. He has actually thoroughly taken a trip abroad.

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