Published On:Monday, June 19, 2017
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Organized Large Bhagwati Jagran Near Chakwal School Kurali

INDIA: The group market in ward number 17 near Chakwal school. Local city organized Bhagwati Jagran 5th large. Bhagwati Jagran Jyoti presence as chief guest while those ragged Baba fell Dhanraj Dera Baba gosamiana Testifying Akali leader Ranjit Singh Gill hailed the efforts of the organizers.

 He said that promote mutual amity society in a religious ceremony. Meanwhile Bhajan singer Shekhar kurali and Gautam jaladhari celebrating mother to the late night. The organizers Happy Verma, Amit Khullar, Bittu honored with Gautam, Guri kenth, Sonu Gautam thanked the award symbol dignitaries.

The Kara Chawla, Chairman, Public koaradi netara Cell Congress, Council President Krishna Devi Dhiman, Gurcharan Singh Rana Bahadur Singh, Happy Dhiman, Randhir Singh Dheera, Kulwant Kaur pabla, Paramjit Pammi, Gurmail Singh pabla, Harjit Singh tapariam, Vineet Kalia, LAKHVIR Lucky, omidara associations including the large attendance outfitted flourish.

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