Published On:Friday, July 21, 2017
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Chinese Sprinter Takes On Fighter Jet: Video

China’s top athlete currently took on a fighter jet in a race among man and machine.
In a brief clip, Zhang Peimeng may be visible gearing himself up for the 50 metre dash as he performs a ritualistic warm-up earlier than placing his fingers down on the track and getting into role.
the pilot fires up his engines after which the excessive-velocity contest begins.
The athlete then takes to the air and runs as rapid as he can without even slowing all the way down to maintain an eye on the rate of the jet which is speeding down the runway to his proper.

Miraculously zhang edges into the space and pips the plane to the end line.

The 30-year old track and field competitor is first-class regarded for his performance at the 2013 moscow international championships, wherein he completed his personal best of time of 10.00 seconds inside the 100 metre race.

The video has received thousands of views on line with commenters praising Zhang’s ‘awesome energy’ following his extremely good feat.

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