Published On:Wednesday, July 5, 2017
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Electric-Powered Rickshaws With Air-Conditioning System On Lahore Roads

LAHORE – A local car company has just launched a new model of air-conditioned electric rickshaw having all the features of a modern car, putting an end to the travel woes.

The price of the newly designed rickshaw is set at two lac ninety thousand rupees.
Regarding the exceptional features, the rickshaw, once charged can cover a distance of 150 to 200 kilometers.
The best aspect that sets this model apart from other rickshaw brands is that it runs on electric battery, saving the city from pollution and user from the expense of petrol or gas.

The rickshaw model has hit the road in Punjab’s provincial capital Lahore and is sure to lure in computers due to unusual elegance and specifications.

  • Electric-powered rickshaw with air conditioning facility is priced at Rs 2,90,000

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