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Robers Killed A Father, Injured His Son Upon Resistance

CHAKWAL: Armed robbers shot a father and wounded his son upon resistance during a robbery that took place yesterday in Chakwal (Pakistan).

 Two robbers were held by citizens while another managed to escape.Police said that three armed trobbers forced their way into a house located in Hattar Town of Chakwal district. They took the residents hostage and started taking whatever they found in the house

.Upon resistance from the house owner and his son, the dacoits opened fire which proved fatal for the father and critically injured his son. The robbers escaped away soon after stealing many valuables.However, the local people chased and held two robbers while another managed to flee from the scene.

The body and injured were rushed to hospital for medico-legal formalities.The arrested robbers, who were identified as Sadiq Fateh Ali, a resident of village Hattar, and M Ashraf, a resident of village Lillah, were later handed over to the Kallar Kahar police, who shifted them to the police station.

During the investigation, the robbers told the police that they had been tipped that the late victim had Rs0.4 million stashed at his house.
The body of the victim was handed over to the legal heirs after a post-mortem at the district headquarters hospital Chakwal.
The late Zulfiqar Haider, who was also running a big departmental store in the village, was the first cousin of Pakistan People’s Party activist Nasir Hattar.  Police said that the accused, Sadiq Fateh Ali, had also served a jail term in a murder case and he was released from the jail a year ago.

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