Published On:Sunday, August 13, 2017
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Dead Body Of Sexually Assaulted Boy Found In Mini Dam

PAKISTAN: The tortured dead body of a 12 years boy, who was vanished about a week ago from district Chakwal, has been found from a local mini-dam, police here said on Sunday.

The police said the boy was first sexually assaulted and then put to death by a 25 years old suspect. A resident of Mehro village and a student of 7th class, the boy went missing on July 30. His father reported the disappearance of his son to the police on Aug 01,2017.
“My son wanted to go to the Munday village to watch a kabaddi match over there, so he went to a friend of my elder son and asked him to accompany him for the match mentioned. My elder son’s friend took him to the fields asking him they would go to the match after collecting fodder for the cattle,” his father told media.
After killing the boy, the accused threw the body in a dam where he floated to the bank after a week. Dead body was badly mutilated, police said.
Police has started investigations after registering the case against culprits. Sources said that suspect has been arrested but police did not confirm.

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