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Restaurant In UK Refused To Serve Pakistani Actress Nadia Jamil

An Italian eating place in Cambridge, United Kingdom, has been accused of racism and Islamophobia after allegedly refusing to serve famous Pakistani actress and philanthropist Nadia Jamil and her father.
Jamil who believes racism was the reason she was refused to eat in hotel Don Pascuale took to Twitter to share her ‘shocking’ experience with her fans and followers.
“1st racist encounter in England. #DonPascual Italian restaurant in Main Market Square refused 2 serve Aba & me & asked us 2 leave,” she wrote.
“His beard,” she added suggesting religious prejudice as the reason. “They refused to give us menus. I picked it up myself. Man says we will not serve you! Go in get self served! I asked why. Annoying people he answered.

However, hours later, the Italian restaurant issued a statement, denying the allegations made by Nadia Jamil.
Replying to her tweet, the Twitter handle of the restaurant denied there was any directive from management to deny people entry based on their race.
It also completely rejected any claims of racism.

Persistent, Jamil replied to the hotel’s Twitter handle saying that more insult was added to their injury by snatching the menu and verbally thrashing them.
You refused to give us a menu :( then you refused to serve us. Finally u snatched the menus out of our hands and told us to leave screamed.

What story do they have for refusing to give us menus & service then snatching menus. Acha why argue Yasser Putar. Go eat & enjoy. Rabrakha🌻

My father is a 73 cancer patient w diabetes. Have some shame and some dignity. You are really low. No wonder your restaurant is so empty :(! https://twitter.com/thedonpasquale/status/899705542578458628 

Her tweets caused an outrage on social media where angry fans and activists called for the Italian restaurant to clarify the situation.
Many users including journalists and politicians were appalled and even expressed their reservations regarding the authenticity of the story:

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

It's a teeny beard. They found our appearance annoying. He said is it my beard. Although it the cutest beard on Earth :)!

Hard to believe because never heard & faced such problem in UK
Second: They don't serve kosher 😒

No point to report they're dealing with 250+ hate crime complaints,500+ goes unreported daily getting worse post BREXIT.

What was the reason given to you and your father when asked to leave? Very rare for something like this to happen in a restaurant in the UK

@thedonpasquale I've eaten here and never had a problem, in UK there are often set times for lunch/dinner, is Pakistanis take ages ordering

My friend Omar later told me this place is famous for this. Not all desist have the same experience Bhai. I will never forget the hurt

My friend Omar later told me this place is famous for this. Not all desist have the same experience Bhai. I will never forget the hurt
Ok,seems strange any place in the UK would do this as policy as they would quickly go out of business, sure this may not be the whole story

No hidden agendas. Welcome to a world Yasser where old me. Can be screamed at, laughed at, menus snatched from their hands & told to leave.

Shouldn’t complain as we Pakistanis are the most racist of all, we have classes, casts sects and God knows what to negate quran’s teaching
— Imran Ahmed (@ImranInc) August 21, 2017

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