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Man Sent To Jail For Joking About Joining ISIS In China

BEIGING::A guy in China who jokingly said he'd become a member of the Islamic ISIS, been sentenced to 9 months in prison,  state media reported on Monday.

Chinese specialists monitoring online activity arrested Zhang Qiang, 31, sentenced him to 9 months in jail and fined him $150, corresponding to a written report in Worker's Daily. He previously written the joke on WeChat, China's social multimedia and texting request.

Zhang was charged with "inciting terrorism and extremism."

According to regulators, the defendant improved his account picture to an image of Osama bin Laden, the past head of al-Qaeda. In boards, he'd text, "Look now, the top guy is here now."

He'd also need other talk room members to "enlist alongside the Islamic State."

A month after he made the assertions, the Changping Area Security Bureau in the location of Beijing arrested Zhang and charged him with inciting terrorism.

Police found Zhang's smartphone and computer, but didn't find other articles related to "terrorism," as reported

Lots of the social media users in China have said the sentence is "overweight."

China is tightening rules against social marketing applications and messenger services. From October, providers must verify the personality of internet surfers and keep chatting room data for at least half a year.

The Chinese Communist Party in addition has asked all identities be confirmed for users making any feedback online.

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