Published On:Thursday, October 5, 2017
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An Indian Woman Finds Her Father's Skeleton On Sofa

INDIA: An Indian woman was left dazed while amid a visit to her dad's home in Thiruvananthapuram, following 4 months, she discovered his skeleton lying on a sofa.

The 70-year-old Radhakrishnan was a resigned tutor from dental school and lived alone in the two-story house after division from his wife around two years back.

His little girl who is a medical student and wedded to a specialist lives with her mom in Kottayam.

She used to talk via telephone with her dad and the last visit to his house was made approximately four months back.

Amid the past visit, she found the entryway bolted yet when she went once again, she discovered letters on the doorstep provoking her to advise the medical college police.

The police authorities powerfully opened the entryway and found the decayed body of the old man lying on the sofa.

The neighbors said that the old man used to spend his life secretly and alone while not addressing anybody.

The body was given over to relatives after postmortem and have enrolled an instance of unnatural death.

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