Published On:Thursday, December 7, 2017
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Indian Drone Crashed After Violating Its Airspace:China

BEIJING: China on Thursday claimed that an Indian drone violated country’s airspace and crashed, reported international media.

The move follows a worst border tension between the two countries, which ended a few months ago.
Chinese media quoted the deputy director of the army´s western theatre combat bureau, Zhang Shuili, as “The Indian move violated China´s territorial sovereignty. We strongly express our dissatisfaction and opposition”.
However, the official did not share any other details regarding the incident as where and when it happened.
He added that troops of China’s army showed professional and responsible attitude and identified the device, which is usually used for spying.
In June, the standoff had sparked between the countries when Chinese People’s Liberation Army troops started constructing a concrete road in Doklam area that separates India from its ally, Bhutan. Beijing has been claimed that it was China’s territory.
In August, India had withdrew its forces from disputed border area after it agreed with China for “expeditious disengagement” of troops ending the months long stand-off, China Global Television Network reported.
“China has confirmed that Indian troops and equipment have all withdrawn to the Indian side of the border area in Doklam on Monday afternoon. China will continue to exercise its territorial sovereignty in accordance with historical conventions,” Chunying said at Monday’s daily regular press conference
The Foreign Ministry also announced that China will always protect its internal sovereignty.

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