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Two Women Were Killed For Honor In Chakwal

CHAKWAL: Two girls were killed apparently within the name of honor in separate incidents, sources same on weekday.

A man shot his married sister dead in Thaneel Fatohi village set within the Saddar police space.

According to the villagers and police, the girl eloped with a person of Thaneel Fatohi village many years past and that they had 3 kids.

But the ladies and her family reached reconciliation recently.

“After the reconciliation she phoned her brother and asked him to go to her and her kids,” a villager told media.

He said additional that the brother of the girl came to her house and spent an evening there.

“In the morning he opened fire on his sister killing her on the spot,” a villager told.

The husband of the girl is already in jail in murder case.

The second incident occurred in Laiti village set within the area of Tamman police station wherever 2 brothers allegedly throttled their kinswoman to death for the sake of honor.

According to investigation officer Khalid Mehmood, the 18-year-old woman ran away with a boy many weeks ago and her members of the family derived her and brought her back.

“The girl’s father wasn't at his home as he was out of Chakwal. At his bid his 2 brothers suppressed the woman as they were angry on her running away and that they conjointly feared that she may fly once more,” the investigator officer told.

“We have arrested the father of the woman and are attempting our greatest to trace the other culprit” he maintained.

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