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Indian PM Modi Beats World Leaders For His ‘Fake’ Twitter Followers

GENEVE: A statistic shared by a website twitteraudit.com and Twiplomacy has come up with a survey based on the some of the most followed world leaders and their share of fake followers.

According to the new list, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 60 percent of 24 million Twitter followers out of 40 million are fake, thus giving a devasting reputational blow to the leader of ‘World’s largest democracy’.

World Leaders and their Fake followers

Some of the most followed world leaders and their share of bot followers as determined by http://twitteraudit.com . Graphics prepared by @Saosasha @gzeromedia

The report has also featured world leaders like United States’ President Donald Trump, Pope Francis, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and Kim Kardashian.
Pope Francis, US President Trump and PM Narendra Modi are the top three followed accounts on a global scale.
The Pope and President comfortably outnumber PM Modi in Twitter followers but they are no match for Modi when it comes to the percentage of fake followers.
While 37% of Trump’s 48.9 million followers are fake, 60% of the Indian Prime Minister’s 41 million followers are fake, revealed media outlets citing audits by Twitter Audit.com and Twiplomacy. The reports say 59% of Pope Francis’ 17 million followers are also fake.
The latest statistics would give PM Modi the somewhat dubious distinction of having the most number of fake Twitter followers in the world.
The graphics were posted to Twiplomacy Twitter account which is a part of Burson-Marsteller study about digital diplomacy and refers to Twitter being used as a medium by government agencies and officials to engage in diplomacy.
The data of Modi’s Twitter handle having the highest number of fake followers has left many Twitterati shocked and amused.
People have been talking about it and sharing this data on social media, questioning the PM’s authenticity, at least on the cyberspace.

Fake promises, fake vision & now revealed, 60% fake following too....not to miss, our PM is number one on that front, a first in India! https://twitter.com/Twiplomacy/status/966226775683534848 

In percentage terms, Modi and Pope have same fake followers. This proves the Italian link and therefore Nehru is at fault.

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