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24 Year Old Man Shot Dead In Chakbeli Khan

RAWALPINDI: - A 24-year-old man was shot dead in Chakbeli Khan, in what gave the impression to be the fallout of a twelve-year-old enmity between the 2 families, sources told on Thursday.

The deceased was known as Ijaz whereas the killer was known as Haroon, Who managed to flee from crime scene. Police hurried to the venue and shifted the body to the hospital for autopsy. in step with sources, Ijaz was anticipating transport at Piyal stop on Chakbeli Road, among limits of police office Rawat once 2 men Haroon (19) and Ahsan came there. Haroon whipped out a thirty bore small-arm and discharged a volley of bullets at Ijaz killing him on the spot. The killers managed to escape, they said. Police reached the spot, took the dead body into custody and recorded statements of eyewitnesses. Sharing the rationale behind Murder, sources aforementioned that the deceased Ijaz was allegedly concerned within the murder of his cousin Bilal, 12 years ago over a wedding dispute. They told Ijaz fell enamored with a girl and wanted to marry her however the girl got engaged along with his cousin Bilal, who was 16 years  that time. This angered Ijaz and he killed Bilal. Later on, Bilal’s family registered a murder case against Ijaz in Rawat police station. The killer was command and sent to jail, sources aforementioned. However, the family of Bilal pardoned Ijaz and he was free from jail some six months ago. Sources told later on the day of incident, Haroon, the brother of deceased Bilal, shot dead Ijaz and fled.  An officer told media that Ijaz was shot 5 bullets in his chest and belly. Sources further stated that Ijaz’s father was additionally concerned within the murder of another city fellow Khurram some years ago. They told, father of Khuram additionally took revenge of the murder of his son at an equivalent time by stabbing the mother of Ijaz to death with the same dagger employed by the killer to finish the life of Khuram.

Later on, a settlement was reached between the 2 families upon intervention of the neighbors.  SHO of ps Rawat Khizar Hayyat wasn't obtainable to discuss the incident. Meanwhile, police known the natural object of a person Who went missing from his home four days ago and located  close to a dam in Jabbar, within area of ps Gujar Khan.

The deceased was known as Usman and belonged to a region close to Kallar Syedan. Sub Inspector (SI) Sikandar told media that the police approached the family of Usman however they refused to pursue the case. He told that family recorded its statement before the police that Usman was mentally retarded and went missing from home while they don't have enmity with anyone.

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