As every body knows that the famous cryptocurrency is the Bitcoin which is the most popular all over the world, buying and selling of goods is very easy through a wallet like Blockchain and any other wallet you may have.

BTC (Bitcoin) Mining is very popular now a days and every one is trying to buy good hardware (GPU) for earning money. You can find the ways how to earn bitcoin through different sites available on INTERNET.

If you want to check hardware of any CPU or GPU (The best with graphical card) for the purpose of mining bitcoins then must test this link before buying the device. Just click on the button below.

See the example below and set the properties as show in the image below. You may set the variable higher if yours hardware is more stronger. (You may set the CPU USAGE upto 100% but at your own risk that your system may freeze and become not responding)

Please take care of every step as it is shown in the image up. If you have low cost CPU or GPU the set all the things as shown above but earing of bitcoin will be very low (Approx: $0.01/24 hrs) but if you have a computer with good hardware built-in eg. RAM-10 GB, Processor-4GHz  (Quad or Heckta Core) then you can expect for a reasonable earning per day. You can also use more devices for mining at same ip address and same time, there will be no conflict at all. Even you may use more systems for mining the same moment. Enjoy!

Kindly remember that this is also the ever best way to check the stability and performance of any Computer and Mobile phone for using this purpose of before buying them.

If you have no such hardware for mining bitcoin, you may signup here to earn free bitcoin.

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Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system called the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central repository or single administrator. Wikipedia
CoinsUnspent outputs of transactions denominated in any multiple of satoshis
Date of introduction3 January 2009; 8 years ago
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BTC Mining

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